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Information of Switzerland

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: CH
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3: CHE
ISO 3166-1 numeric: 756
FIPS 10-4 country code: SZ
ISO 3166-1 English short name (Gazetteer order): Switzerland
ISO 3166-1 English short name (proper reading order): Switzerland
ISO 3166-1 English romanized short name (Gazetteer order): Switzerland
ISO 3166-1 English romanized short name (proper reading oorder): Switzerland
ISO 3166-1 French short name (Gazetteer order): Suisse
ISO 3166-1 French short name (proper reading order): Suisse
ISO 3166-1 Spanish short name (Gazetteer order): Suiza
UNGEGN English short name: Switzerland
UNGEGN English formal name: the Confederation of Switzerland
UNGEGN French short name: Suisse (la)
UNGEGN French formal name: la Confédération suisse
UNGEGN Spanish short name: Suiza
UNGEGN Spanish formal name: la Confederación Suiza
UNGEGN Russian cyrillic short name: Швейцарская
UNGEGN Russian cyrillic formal name: Швейцарская Конфедерация
UNGEGN local romanized short name: Suisse (la)[fr]/Schweiz (die)[de]/Svizzera (la)[it]/Svizra (la)[rm]
UNGEGN local romanized formal name: la Confédération suisse[fr]/Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (die)[de]/Confederazione Svizzera (la)[it]/Confederaziun Svizra (la)[rm]
BGN English short name (Gazetteer order): Switzerland
BGN English short name (proper reading order): Switzerland
BGN English long name: Confederation of Switzerland
BGN local short name: Schweiz[de]/Svizzera[it]/Suisse[fr]/Svizra[rm]
BGN local long name: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft[de]/Confederation Suisse[fr]/Confederazione Svizzera[it]/Confederaziun Svizra[rm]
PCGN English short name (Gazetteer order): Switzerland
PCGN English short name (proper reading order): Switzerland
PCGN English long name: Swiss Confederation
FAO Italian short name (Gazetteer order): Svizzera
FAO Italian short name (proper reading order): Svizzera
FAO Italian long name: Confederazione svizzera
EKI Estonian short name (Gazetteer order): Šveits/Helveetsia
EKI Estonian official name (proper reading order): Šveitsi Konföderatsioon
Conventional Abbreviation for country name:
has capital city: 1
BGN English capital city name: Bern
UNGEGN local capital city name: Bern
UN terms English capital city name: Berne
UN terms French capital city name: Berne
UN terms Spanish capital city name: Berna
UN terms Russian cyrillic capital city name: Берн
EKI capital city name: Bern
BGN capital latitude: 46.95
BGN capital longitude: 7.43333333333
UNGEGN capital latitude: 46.92
UNGEGN capital longitude: 7.48
continent: EU
ISO 3166-1 numeric region code: 150
ISO 3166-1 numeric subregion code: 155
official languages: de,fr,it
population (2012): 7655628
nationality (noun): Swiss
nationality (adjective): Swiss
international dialing code: 41
international vehicle code: CH
land: 39997
water: 1280
land mass (land+water): 41277
country latitude: 47
country longitude: 8
country maximum latitude: 47.8
country minimum latitude: 45.82
country maximum longitude: 10.49
country minimum longitude: 5.97
government portal website: gov.ch
national statistics website: bfs.admin.ch
national geographic information system website: swisstopo.admin.ch
national postal service website: poste.ch
tld: .ch
Currency: Franc (CHF)
Neighbours: DE, IT, LI, FR, AT

ISO : International Standards Organization
BGN : U.S. Board on Geographic Names
UNGEGN : United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names
PCGN: U.K. Permanent Committee on Geographic Names
UN : United Nations
FAO : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FIPS : Federal Information Processing Standard
EKI : Institute of Estonian Language

Subdivisions of Switzerland